A Night Out at Goldyn

Nest Moms at Goldyn

What a time we had at the Nest Pop-Up Shop celebration we co-hosted with Goldyn Boutique.  We invited three moms in for personal styling sessions with fabulous Vanessa Barcus, owner of the very special boutique in LoHi (AKA Lower Highlands in Denver).  We got to sit in on the sessions and to see the final results at our cocktail party on Thursday June 5th.  When these women came in, I thought to myself “How could they possibly get any cuter?!  They already look great.”  Then the fun began for us, but most important for them (and alas- they actually did get cuter).  I watched Vanessa work and picked up a thing or five.  So even if you didn’t get in to be styled at Goldyn last week, read on and learn:

1) Sometimes it is fun to try something on that you like, but might not ordinarily choose.  Work with a professional to help you identify those items and then go for it!

2) Ruching in the middle is very flattering!

3) Invest in a small number of timeless, well-made clothing items.  You will feel great every time you put them on and can update with trendier less pricey accessories each season.

4) Nothing like a well cut blazer.

5) Just because you are pregnant, does not mean you have to wear maternity clothes.  There are some great options out there that grow with you (and then back again).

Thank you Goldyn, for the fun and fashion!

Nest at Goldyn