Nest Moms Know: Finance

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Our question:

Any great financial resources, advice, or planners you would like to recommend to the group?

Your answers:

  1.  Start a 529 college savings plan for your children’s future. (2015) 
  2. Get a financial planner. Failing to plan is planning to fail. We use a trusted Edward Jones advisor. Also, instill in your kids the ideas of saving and using their own money to buy things. (2015)
  3. Teach money sense to young kids–they get it. (2015)
  4. I would highly recommend Dave Ramsey books and classes. (2015)
  5. We love our financial planner- Ken Jacobs! Social responsible investing! Invest with your values! (2015)
  6.  Make sure you have life insurance for both parents.  One good option: Bright Peak (2014)
  7. Deal with your taxes as early in the year as you can.  Waiting until the last minute is super stressful. (2014)
  8. Turn it all over to your spouse! (2014)
  9. Find and consult with a financial advisor that you trust.  One Nest customer recommends: Aaron McLaughlin at Seamount Financial (2014)
  10. Take a look at Learn Vest.  It’s amazing. You get a personal coach and a ton of resources including software to help with expense tracking.  All for a very small fee. (2014)
  11. Use an accountant (2014)
  12. Arapahoe Community College has free classes on taxes by Robin. She is amazing she knows business taxes and personal, it is such a great resource! (2014)
  13. Use GoDaddy bookkeeping. (2014)
  14. Contribute money to a 529 plan for each of your children to start building their college funds now. (2014)
  15. Prepare your kids to take care of themselves financially and to understand money.  Check out Young Americans Bank. (2014)
  16. Make sure you handle your estate planning.  Check out Wills & Wellness. (2014)
  17. Try Turbo Tax. (2014)
  18. Seek out  financial planners whose values are in line with your own. It may be worth a little extra money to know you’re investing according to what you believe in and not just making money. (2014)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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