Nest Moms Know: Morning Routine

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Our question:

What are some tips and ideas for making the morning routine run smoothly and less stressful?

Your answers:

  1. Pack everything the night before, all lunch items that can be and have a morning song to get out the door! (2015)
  2.  Its all about the night before in our house. Lay out clothing w kids help/approval so they feel like they have a voice to choose what to wear (even with uniform). Then after I get them to bed, if I have energy I prepare backpacks and make lunches. It makes all the difference for our family. (2015)
  3. I use bribery, If they want to watch a show before we leave, they have to be completely ready to go. Not necessarily a huge fan of TV, but it seems to work! (2015)
  4.  Put out breakfast dishes and cups so there is less to do in the morning. (2015)
  5. Stick to the same routine every morning. Pack most of the lunch the night before (somethings I slice and add in the morning).
    I suspect removing all books from the bedroom would speed our morning process. Getting dressed (clothes out the night before) requires multiple reminders and still after 30 minutes she is sitting on the floor naked reading. Arg!!! (2015)
  6. talk about what’s going to happen–give a lot of information (2015)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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