Nest Moms Know: New Year’s Resolutions

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Our question:

Happy New Year! We want to hear what your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions are!?

Your answers:

  1. As my kids get older I feel my time with them slipping away. My resolution is to spend more time with them when I have the opportunities! (2016)
  2. Be in this moment. Find joy in everyday. Be a better person on Dec 31st 2016 than I am today or the day before. Be kind always. (2016)
  3. To be more mindful about enjoying mothering moments, not just surviving them (2016)
  4. To be more productive with my time and include the kids (2016)
  5. Finish a looming creative project. (2016)
  6. 2016 is my year of connection – better/regular communication with my girlfriend support network, improved connections with myself mentally and physically (2016)
  7. Intentional parenting and intentional mama time! (2016)
  8. To keep a gratitude journal. (2016)
  9. Be more present and focus on the positive. (2016)
  10. To read more books!! (2016)
  11. To focus on mom time (2016)
  12. Better Communication…no one can read my mind! (2016)



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