Nest Moms Know: Summer Camp Recommendations

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Our question:

Anyone over the cold and snow yet?! Let’s start dreaming of the warm sun, shorts, dresses, bathing suits…. and Summer Camps! Please share your Summer Camp recommendations!

Your answers:

1. Summer programs at schools like Colorado Academy, Kent Denver, DMIS, Logan, Paddington and St Anne’s (2014)

2. The JCC’s summer programs (2014)

3. The Cherry Creek Dance or Colorado Ballet summer programs (2014)

4. Denver Center Theater Academy summer program (2014)

5. Avid4Adventure  (2014)

6. Dream Big Day Camp (2014)

7. Art camps at places like the Art Garage or Spark-it Studios (2014)

8. Play Well Lego Camps (various locations) (2014)

9. Belleview Petting Zoo (2014)

10. Denver Zoo Camp (2014)

11. Summer reading programs at our public libraries (2014)

12. Greenwood Athletic Club’s summer programs (2014)

13.  Not a camp, but we’re part of an awesome group called Hike it Baby that gets children from infants-school age out on the trail! (2016)

14. Camp Chief Ouray at YMCA of the Rockies! (2016)

15. Blue Sky school of creativity! (2016)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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