Nest Moms Know: Indoor Activities

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Our question:
What are your some of your favorite indoor places to take your kids in the winter? 

Your answers:

1. Denver Museum of Nature & Science (2016, 2014)

2. Little Monkey Business (2014)

3. Baby Power (2014)

4. Story Time at the Tattered Cover or Book Babies at the Denver Public Libraries (2014)

5. Treehouse Discovery (2014)

6. Children’s Museum Denver (2016, 2014)

7. Don’t forget the Denver Botanic Garden has indoor facilities and classes! (2014)

8. Arts classes at Small Hands Art or Art Garage (2014)

9. The Aquarium  (2014)

10. The Apex Center (2014)

11. The Butterfly Pavilion (2016, 2014)

11. Rec Centers (see our previous post on swimming lessons here) (2014)

12.  Music Together  (2014)

13. Playing at home – for craft ideas visit Nest’s pinterest board here (2014)

14.  History Colorado Center (2014)

15. Jump Street (2014)

16. Denver Art Museum (2014)

17. REI Flagship Store or the Bass Pro Shop (2016, 2014)

18. Bowling – Nest suggest’s Broadways’ Punch Bowl Social or Moe’s BBQ (2014)

19. Pump It Up (2014)

20. Jungle Quest (2014)

21. Color Me Mine (2014)

22. Cherry Creek Mall play area (2014)

23. Hammond’s Candy Factory Tour (love this!) (2014)

24. World oF Wonder (WOW) Museum (2014)

25. Running building to building at the Denver Zoo (2014)

26. MCA Denver (2014)

27. Denver Firefighter’s Museum (2014)

28. Great Play of Cherry Creek (2014)

29. Flatiron Indoor Play Yard (2016)

30. Indoor Soccer (2016)

31. Apex Indoor Park (2016)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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