Nest Moms Know: Great Pediatricians

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Our question:

 Any pediatrician office advice/suggestions?

Your answers:

1. Dr. Kono with Highlands Integrative Pediatrics (2014)

2. Oasis Family Medicine (2014)

3. Dr. Noah with Stapleton Pediatrics  (who, by the way is a 5280 top pediatrician wink emoticon )(2016 ,2014)

4. Children’s Medical Center (2014)

5. Cherry Creek Pediatrics Dr. Albert is great!(2016, 2014)

6. Southeast Denver Pediatrics (2014)

7. Dr. Larabee with Sapphire Pediatrics (2014)

8. Partners in Pediatrics (2016, 2014)

9. Pediatric Pathways (2014)

10. Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (2014)

11. Greenwood Pediatrics (2014)

12. Aspen Family Care (2014)

13. Ascent Family Medicine (2014)

14. Dr. Daniel Jones (Kaiser Permanente Offices in Englewood) (2014)

15. Lowry Pediatrics– keep a running list of questions/observations in between appointments. Most of the time the question will be answered by your next appointment! (2016)

16. Pediatrics West – great doctors and PAs, 24 hr nurse line, share info with Childrens Hospital so anytime they are seen by a specialist or emergency situation at Children’s my doctors office immediately knows about it. (2016)

17. Dr. Studebaker at Village pediatrics! small practice…. love knowing that they know me and my kids so personally! (2016)

18. Advanced Pediatrics (2016)

19. Centennial Pediatrics (2016)

20. Dr. Bucknam @ Cornerstone Pediatrics. We love Dr. Bob! (2016)

21. We love Dr. Lieber at Rose Pediatrics (2016)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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