Nest Moms Know: Breakfast Ideas

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Our question:

Bored with breakfast? Any new ideas or suggestions – what do your kids eat for breakfast?

Your answers:

1. Fruit ke-bobs dipped in yogurt.  Something about that toothpick that appeals! For an extra treat, add hunks of waffle. (2014)

2. Sushi inspired banana roll: lightly coat full banana with agave or honey, then roll the banana in crushed Rice Krispies, slice and serve! (2014)

3. Toad in a hole (egg inside a piece of toast!) (2014)

4. French toast (2014)

5. Oregon-inspired rice cereal: leftover brown rice with warm milk. Make a toppings bar of: maple syrup, cinnamon or nutmeg, raisins and nuts. Little ones can create their own breakfast adventure! (2014)

6. Go out!  Snooze is a fave. (2014)

7. Pancakes with rainbow sprinkles & chocolate chips! (2014)

8. Icelandic yogurt and a fruit/veggie smoothie (2014)

9. Reese’s peanut butter cup (hey, sometimes you pick your battle).  #SMART (2014)

10. Greek yogurt with granola or Grape Nuts. (2014)

11. Egg muffins: basically scrambled eggs baked in a muffin tin with add-ins like… Bacon, vegetables (sautee a bit on the stovetop first… onion, red pepper, broccoli, spinach mushrooms etc.), and cheese. Throw them in a ziploc and reheat in the microwave for breakfast all week. (2014)

12. Noida and berries (2014)

13. Get creative with pancakes: different shapes and flavors (apple-cinnamon, pumpkin or blueberry) (2014)

14. Grits or oatmeal (2014)

15. Breakfast is my son’s favorite meal. If we need to change it up we do anything and then add a fried egg on the side. He can never have enough eggs! Example was today, he had a turkey patty, avocado, mango and a fried egg. (2016)

16. My kiddos have always enjoyed elaborate breakfast, so I am happy to say they have been doing yogurt, granola, and fruit yummy –of course they have to make it. (2016)

17. Mini Dutch babies: (2016)

18. soft boiled egg with toast points…new favorite (2016)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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