Nest Moms Know: How to Beat the Winter Blues

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Our question:

Any good ideas to get through the winter blues as we get through the final stretches of cold weather?

Your answers:

1. Chardonnay on ice (beats the summer blues, too). (2014)

2. Take your little one to music class.(2014)

3. Shopping at Nest ♥. (2014)

4. Go for an indoor swim.  Denver has some recreation centers with fabulous pools.  Or try lessons for your kids with Safe Splash. (2014)

5. New clothes in bright spring colors- buy some for yourself- you will be wearing them before you know it! (2014)

6. Hit the flower market. (2014)

7. Scented candles. (2014)

8. Accessorize your home with cheerful throw pillows. (2014)

9. Skiing!  No crowds. (2014)

10. Get the most out of your museum passes so that when it is nice you don’t feel guilty not using them. (2014)

11. Dance Party. (2014)

12. We have begun planting seeds and checkin on the process. Then we talk about how we’re going to plant them once they’ve grown big enough and once the weather is good again. It seems to get my son excited about being able to spend time outside again, but keeps him entertained inside in the meantime. (2016)

13. A couple more day trips, arts and crafts inside, and visits to the aquarium! (2016)

14. Pretending it is spring! (2016)

15. Staying outside more (2016)


Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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