Nest Moms Know: Kid Friendly Restaurants

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Our question:

What restaurants can kids eat free or are kid friendly in the Denver/Boulder area?

Your answers:

  1. Kona Grill has a great bento box for kids! And they take reservations! (2016)
  2. Fate on the weekends is our favorite spot to grab a bite (2016)
  3. Mad Greens in Boulder is running kids 12 and under free right now! (2016)
  4. Texas Roadhouse on Tuesdays (I think) has free sundaes. (2015)
  5. Live Basil does a free kids pizza and cookie on Tuesday nights! (2015)
  6. Larkburger is free for kids on Mondays. (2015)
  7. Mod Market and The Kitchen Next Door! (2015)
  8. Beaujo’s. (2015)
  9. Lime XS on 6th Ave – kids eat free on Wednesdays. (2015)
  10. Annies Cafe! (2015)
  11. Avenue Grill-kid friendly.  Good kid menu and they get to learn dining out skills (2016, 2015)
  12. On Tuesdays…Genghis Grill! My kids love it!
  13. We Love going to Ace, and a new burger place called Royal on Tennyson. (2015)
  14. Sam’s No. 3  in Denver is a great spot to eat breakfast for dinner. (2014)
  15. Steuben’s (American- comfort) has great food that appeals to all ages.  They provide crayons and coloring sheets.  It’s loud, so it doesn’t matter if the kids make a noise or 3.  Plus, you can get a cocktail! Near downtown Denver. (2016, 2015, 2014)
  16. Kids can eat for free at tons of Denver/Boulder area restaurants on certain days of the week.  Click here to check out this list from Mile High Mamas. (2014)
  17. The Kitchen (American) Next Door in Glendale. (2016, 2015, 2014)
  18. Tag Burger Bar (American)in Congress Park. (2014)
  19. Hapa Sushi (Japanese) in Cherry Creek. (2014)
  20. Yak & Yeti (Indian) in Arvada. (2014)
  21. Pizzeria Locale (pizza) gives the kids dough to play with while you wait.  Near downtown Denver and in Boulder. (2014)
  22. Swing Thai (Thai), multiple Denver locations. (2014)
  23. Lou’s Food Bar (American-comfort) in Denver. (2014)
  24. The Saucy Noodle (Italian) in Washington Park. (2014)
  25. Mici (Italian), a family owned restaurant with 3 locations is quick and easy.  They also give the kids dough to play with and then they will bake it for you.  Fab gelato for desert.  Multiple Denver locations. (2014)
  26. The Lowry Beer Garden (American) in Lowry. (2014)
  27. Wahoo’s Fish Tacos (Mexican), multiple Denver and Boulder locations. (2016, 2015, 2014)
  28. Watercourse has a delicious vegan menu.  Near downtown Denver. (2014)
  29. The Mercury Cafe serves a wide variety of local and organic foods. Near downtown Denver. (2014)
  30. Merle’s of Littleton (American) in Littleton. (2014)
  31. Vine Street Pub (American) has board games and fabulous food in Congress Park. (2014)
  32. Lucky Pie (pizza) in Louisville.  They have a great fenced in play area with bouncy animals that kids love. (2014)
  33. Paxti’s (pizza) has multiple Denver locations. (2014)
  34. Kachina (Southwestern) in Westminster provides coloring sheets and crayons, a street taco maker, a great kids menu, coupons for kids to eat free and delicious, healthy food. (2014)
  35. Nordstrom’s Cafe Bistro in Cherry Creek. (2014)
  36. Big Bill’s New York Pizza (pizza) in Centennial has great New York Style pizza and they provide dough for playing as well. In Centennial. (2014)


Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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