Nest Moms Know: Tips for Travel with Kids

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Our question:

We are looking for recommendations/suggestions on smart strategies/tips for traveling with kids! Airplane travel….car rides…you name it!

Your answers:

  1. My older child… Two novels so she never runs out of something to read. The younger one a couple toys. Scenery out the window, it’s good to be bored sometimes… Encourages thought, creativity, conversation, appreciation of the nature around us. (2016)
  2. We have a basket full of books and toys for car trips and we also listen to audio books-right now it’s Danny, Champion of the World. (2016)
  3. Stickers and those reusable sticker or magnet scenes (they can keep my toddler entertained for ages). (2016)
  4. Books on tape–“the Never Ending Story” is a good one. (2016)
  5. Don’t forget water bottle & snack and always have them go to the bathroom before leaving/getting on plane, etc. (2015)
  6. We do some pep talks the days before. Snacks, crafts, music, and movies are always safe bets. We also give our kids chances to earn points along the way, when they earn a certain amount they get to choose activities we do next or where we eat or a trinket. Helps get them excited about where we r going and feel empowered. (2015)
  7. Invent your own games! Like “guess what I’m spelling!” (2015)
  8. For young ones…sticker books, activity books, small figurines, and when desperation sets in use the iPad for games and movies. (2015)
  9. “I spy” or an “etch a sketch” has saved us many times. We do “etch a sketch” challenges like, “Can you make a circle?” and “Can you write your name in cursive?” (2015)
  10. Have your child pack a little backpack of toys and books. (2014)
  11. Pack a surprise toy, book, coloring book or game in their carry-on bags.  New toy = entertained child (for that day anyway) (2014)
  12. Snacks- don’t forget them! Same with bottles and diapers if applicable. (2014)
  13. If traveling by plane and if you can, buy the extra seat for your under 2 year old.  You can strap him/her into her carseat that way.  Many people find it is worth the investment in the plane ticket! (2014)
  14. Put the rules on hold.  Let them watch movies, eat candy, run around the airport like maniacs. #survivalmode (2014)
  15. Put the kids in comfy clothes.  And pack a few extra outfits. (2014)
  16. Listen to fun music on the ride.  Sound of Music anyone? So long, farewell….. (2014)
  17. Use a CARES harness on the airplane instead of a carseat.  Lessens the hassle! (2014)
  18. Use a baby carrier in lieu of a stroller when traveling with your super little ones.  Much easier to be hands free. (2014)
  19. When flying with newborns, try to time feedings during take-off and landing.  It helps to prevent ear pain from cabin pressure. (2014)
  20. For road trips, get a travel bingo set. (2014)
  21. I PADS! (2014)
  22. Wear Cargo pants so you have convenient places to stash snacks and small toys. (2014)
  23. Play dough (2014)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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