Nest Moms Know: Great Gardening, Farmer’s Markets and CSAs

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Our question:

What do you like to plant in your garden? What are your favorite Farmer’s markets, CSAs, or suggestions/tips for gardening with kids!

Your answers:

  1.  I love the organic farmer’s market selection in Stapleton. From the Highlands i love the Miller farm’s $20 bags. Just goes to show, everyone can afford healthy! (2016)
  2. I’ve always wanted to plant a pizza garden… fun toppings for kids! Basil, tomatoes, thyme, zucchini! We bike to Cherry Creek Farmers Market! (2016, 2014)
  3. We like to plant tomatoes and herbs. Easy. Just subscribed to grant farms csa for this season. Excited to incorporate more variety of vegetables into our diet (2016)
  4. Pea’s or pumpkin seeds. The bigger the seed the easier it is for my 2yr old to plant it. He also loves watching the pumpkins grow. (2016)
  5. We love planting tomatoes. They grow so tall and big and are so delicious to eat right off the plant! (2016)
  6. We like to plant beans, peas, tomatoes, sun flowers, herbs, carrots and lots and lots of flowers! (2016)
  7. strawberries and raspberries grow GREAT in our yard. Unfortunately, the squirrels help themselves. (2016)
  8. Favorite things to plant: Tomatoes, rainbow carrots, raspberries, strawberries, basil, herbs, cucumbers, banana peppers. (2015)
  9. We planted snap peas last year with a lot of success! And I love the farmers market at BelMar. (2015)
  10. Old South Pearl Farmers Market! I do a “pizza garden” letting the kids choose what herbs/veggies… (2015)
  11. Tomatoes, Cilantro, hot peppers = salsa all summer!! (2015)
  12. All things kid pick-able! I love for them to adventure into the garden and find yummy treasures! (2015)
  13. Beans because I can send my kids out to pick a handful for their dinner. Also cherry tomatoes and leaf lettuce if the slugs don’t eat it. (2015)
  14. Parker Farmer’s Market (2014)
  15. Grant Family Farm’s CSA (2014)
  16. Get a wheel barrel.  The kids love to push it! (2014)
  17. Put hand painted stones (you can paint them yourselves) in the garden and create a story with them as you plant. (2014)
  18. Take your kids to the children’s garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens. (2014)
  19. Buy a small watering can for your child and let him/her help with the watering. (2014)
  20. Highlands Square Farmer’s Market (2014)
  21. Take a look at Agriburbia. (2014)
  22. Old South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market (2014)
  23. UrbiCulture Community Farms is a multi-plot farm committed to providing food to people of all income levels by sustainably growing affordable, local food. (2014)
  24. Stapleton Farmer’s Market (2014)
  25. Make Cress Egg Heads, hilarious activity (2014)
  26. Place a carrot top on water and watch what it does over time. (2014)



Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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