Nest Moms Know: Mother’s Day Traditions

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Our question:

We are looking for Mother’s Day inspiration – What do you want or like to do for Mother’s Day?

Your answers:

  1. To be able to use gift cards i got for Christmas without taking the kids shopping with me.
    Oh and a massage wouldn’t hurt. (2016)
  2. Someone to put together my 1 YO’s birthday party the day before. I’m not one of those exceptional party throwing Pinterest moms. (2016)
  3. Looking forward to a lazy morning and an evening filled with family time maybe a movie and dinner at big mac’s and little lou’s. (2016)
  4. Family Dance night at the Avalon! (2016)
  5.  Camping with my family, if we can ever a get a weekend of sunshine. (2016)
  6. Homemade cards! And sleep in/taken to breakfast. (2106)
  7.  I’d like a play day in one of our state parks… Canoeing, fishing, hiking! (2106)
  8. Happy and healthy kids always! (2106)
  9. Someone to come clean my house! (2016)
  10. Sleeeeeeep!!! (2016)
  11. Put our veggie garden in together:) (2015)
  12. Sleep sleep sleep and garden. (2015)
  13. Brunch at Ya Ya’s Bistro in DTC or the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs! (2015)
  14. A day when I don’t have to plan anything, be in charge, or make any decisions. (2015)
  15. Dim sum brunch!! (2015)
  16. We go to Le Central. (2015)
  17. Camping and climbing trees! (2015)
  18. Picnic at the Zoo! (2015)
  19. Make a family painting. (2014)
  20. Plant a garden- flowers and herbs and vegetables.  Though this one could be iffy here in CO! April showers bring May…..SNOW? (2014)
  21. Watch the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls. (2014)
  22. Have an outdoor picnic adventure. (2014)
  23. Brunch out.  Anything you don’t have to cook! (2014)
  24. Try Geocaching (2014)
  25. Have a crepe bar. (2014)
  26. Make Dad cook! (2014)
  27. Make 8 x 10 canvases with each of the kids handprints, their name, and the year. They choose the color to paint the canvas. Over the years you will develop quite a collection. (2014)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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