Nest Moms Know: Summer Reading

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Our question:

We are looking for suggestions for summer reading lists – for kids or adults!

Your answers:

  1.  Denver Public Library has an awesome program that gives out prizes when kids finish a book. Last year my son recieved a bag, a new book, and a ticket to Elitch’s. He will be joining again this summer (2016)
  2. We just discovered Mother Bruce and love it! (2016)
  3. I’m reading Fates and Furies now – long, but SOOOO good! (2016)
  4. Aurora Public Libraries has good prizes (2016)
  5. Jeffco public library does a great free summer reading program with prizes. My preschooler loves Pete The Cat series. As a family read aloud we will start Little House on the Prairie Series. (2016)
  6. Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program…if kids read and complete the summer reading journal, they can earn a free book chosen from the list.…/b/summer-reading/_/N-rs9 (2016)
  7. Arapahoe Library District has a great kids program (2016)
  8. Check out the list: Books to Read Before they hit Theaters in 2014 (adults) (2015)
  9. Anything by Roald Dhal.  Some favorites include James and the Giant Peach,  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Danny the Champion of the World , The BFG (kids 2nd and 3rd graders) (2015)
  10. Anything by Mo Willems.  Some  favorites include: Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late and the Knuffle Bunny (kids) (2015)
  11. Anything by Barbara Kingsolver (adults) (2015)
  12. Little Bee (adults) (2015)
  13. The Tale of Edgar Sawtell (adults) (2015)
  14. The Cam Jamsen series (1st graders) (2015)
  15. Junie B. Jones series (1st graders) (2015)
  16. Wonder by R.J. Palacio is a great family read about acceptance and being strong! (2015)
  17. Anything by Jasper Tomkins (kids) (2015)
  18. Any book suggested by the wonderful kid’s librarians at the Denver Central library. Gigi, Rachel, Ann and others!!! (2015)
  19. Parenting book: Off Limits (adults) (2015)
  20. Life After Life (adults) (2015)
  21. The Goldfinch (adults) (2015)
  22. The Interestings (adults) (2015)
  23. The Language of Flowers (adults) (2015)
  24. You Know What I Love (kids) (2015)
  25. Hands Free Mama (adults) (2015)
  26. Snow White and Rose Red (an alternative to typical princess books for kids) (2015)

Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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