Nest Moms Know: Father’s Day Gifts & Traditions

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Our question:

We are looking for suggestions for the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Your answers:

  1. Into the Fire – Make custom pottery items for Dad (2016)
  2. Whiskey (locally made) (2016)
  3. A new fishing hat (2016)
  4. Jump rope (2016)
  5. Spike Ball (2015)
  6. Concert tickets (2015)
  7. Vitamix (2015)
  8. A complete night of sleep! (2015)
  9. Apple TV (2015)
  10. Ping pong table (2015)
  11. Vape pen (2015)
  12. A family hike (2015)
  13. Books (2015)
  14. Bike accessories (2015)
  15. New bike (2014)
  16. Rock salt spa session (supposed to be good for allergies) (2014)
  17. GOLF! (2014)
  18. Baseball tickets (2014)
  19. A new grill (2014)
  20. A giant tool chest (2014)
  21. Guitar accessories (2014)
  22. A photo album which includes pictures of his kids (2014)
  23. Travel coffee mug (2014)
  24. A day to do whatever he wants (2014)
  25. Breakfast in bed (2014)
  26. Homemade art (2014)
  27. Go out for a meal (2014)


Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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