Nest Moms Know: Fun 4th of July Activities

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Our question:

We are looking for suggestions for fun 4th of July activities!

Your answers:

  1. Driving up to Estes Park (2016)
  2. Park Hill Parade (2016)
  3. Colorado Rapids Game – Best Fireworks Show! (2016)
  4. Decorate the kids bikes and wagon for the kids parade. (2015)
  5. Visit family and spend the 4th where ever they are! So much fun! (2015)
  6. Making our American Flag angel cake with the blueberry “stripes” and strawberry “stars”. (2015)
  7. Paint a pallet so it looks like a flag to place in your front yard. (2015)
  8. Make red white and blue juice ( & sometimes cool aid) pops for picnics and paddle boats. So much fun! (2015)
  9. Washington Park has a great parade with music and (most important) ice cream. (2014)
  10. Create your own paper flags. (2014)
  11. Firework Art (2014)
  12. Go to Downtown Denver to watch the fireworks. (2014)
  13. Congress Park has a kids “parade” with a real FIRE TRUCK and real FIREMEN! The kids get to play on the truck, then parade around the 7th Avenue Parkway, led by the firetruck, and then everyone enjoys Popsicles. MMMM! (2014)
  14. Take a road trip to the mountains.  Steamboat and Keystone are really fun! (2014)
  15. There is a great bike parade through Cheesman Park. (2014)
  16. Get out the sidewalk chalk, water balloons and squirt guns.  Good ole’ fashioned summer fun! (2014)
  17. Lohi has a great early fireworks show. (2014)

 Whatcha think? What are we missing?

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