Nest Moms Know: Do You Have a Will?

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Our Question:

It’s New Year’s resolution time – do you have a will or health care directive? Any tips, resources or suggestions on how to get that done?


Your Answers:

If you haven’t created a will yet, don’t feel bad, you are not alone! Only 48% percent of participants have a will!


Our community did have these recommendations:

  1. Law Office of Lyndsey Richard, a local mom
  2. Suzy Orman website
  3. Employee Assistance Programs through your employer
  4. Legalshield or US Legal forms
  5. Yvonne Olivere
  6. Erica Johnson at Ambler & Keenan LLC
  7. Chayet and Danzo
  8. DU Law class
  9. Bonnie Bowles of Wills and Wellness
  10. Jayme Ship-Ritchie

And some helpful reminders:

  1. Many of you tackled this when you were pregnant – it’s a great thing to do in the calm before the storm!
  2. Ask for referrals – friends, older relatives or contact your local bar ( – many of you have taken the time to use a local mom!
  3. Don’t over think it – your will is not set in stone. You can always change it, and SHOULD as your family changes!

Do you have a will? Any other suggestions or recommendations? Would you like Nest to host a seminar on this topic?


Disclaimer: This post was created from answers to a question on our Facebook page; Nest is not responsible for the content of this post, nor have we fact checked any of your answers. Please use this information at your own discretion – we’re simply passing on your answers as a courtesy to our customers!

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